• Family Generational Literacy Services

    Florence County Adult Education offers Family Generational Literacy Services at two sites: Florence, and Lake City.  These services are designed to support parents as their child’s first and best teacher. Any adult education student with one or more children ages 0-8 years old may participate. There are four components to Generational Family Services:

    1. Adult Literacy - Parent education
    2. Training for Parents to Teach and Care for Children
    3. Parent-Child Educational Activities Together
    4. Early Childhood Services

    Adult Literacy 

    Parents are supported in their own education through classes in high school diploma, English as a Second Language, or high school equivalency diploma.  As parents become more educated, they gain confidence and skills to better support their child’s learning. They also open up additional workforce opportunities.

    Training for Parents to Teach and Care for Children

    Part of the curriculum for Family Generational Literacy offers parents information and helps them build capabilities in teaching and caring for their children in ways that support their child’s health, learning, growth, and development.

    Parent-Child Educational Activities Together

    Parents involved in Generational Family Services spend time playing with and reading to their children.  For parents who have their children in the child development center onsite, they may spend part of their class-day doing this.  Parents also spend additional time at home and they may also receive school district home visits that facilitate these activities as well.

    Early Childhood Services

    Both the Florence and Lake City sites offer onsite childcare and development during morning class times.  Additional childhood services may also be available through community and school district service-agencies.  Parents should work with the Generational Family Coordinator for their school site regarding possible available services.

    • LifeLong Learning Center in Lake City - Contact Mrs. Beverly Singletary at bsingletary@fsd1.org or 843-374-5517, x11111
    • McClenaghan Building in Florence - Contact Cleo Martinez at cmartinez@fsd1.org, or 843.758.6422.