Studio Production & Film Design

  • Production and Film Design engages the subject of film, studio production, and video creation. Students will apply learned techniques of editing, visual storytelling, and many other related concepts that evoke emotions from an audience. This course covers the history of production, film, shot selection, progression, and application of motion picture. Students will apply learned knowledge in writing, storyboarding, shot sheet creation, and reviewing scripts, visual stories, and media works.

    Upon acceptance, F1CA students will have additional requirements above and beyond the base requirements for Studio Production & Film Design. These requirements include:

    • Participation in Studio-B Productions (SFHS film club)
    • Running Technical Assistance in a Minimum of One Production Each Year

Audition Requirements for the Arts Magnet Program

    • Option 1: Video Editing: Two video production pieces at least 1 minute in length displaying filming, audio, and editing skills. The two pieces should be in contrasting styles.
    • Option 2: Broadcast Performance: For your audition, you will write, edit, and deliver a 2 min. broadcast from our news studio. You will then perform basic editing to your piece using our video and editing equipment. Basic broadcast/editing Instructions will be provided.
    • Interview


  • Contact Jacob Suggs with any questions about the Studio Production & Film Design program. His email is


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