• The South Florence High School Theatre is comprised of students in 9th-12th grades at all ability levels.  All theatre classes are semester courses. Students in Theatre 1 and 2 are enrolled in the CP level, and AMP students are enrolled in the Honors level. Theatre 3 and 4 are taught at the Honors level for all students. Theatre 2, 3, and 4 require performances for the community.

    Upon acceptance, AMP students will have additional requirements beyond the base requirements for Theatre. These requirements include:

    • Participation in ITS (International Thespian society)
    • 25 hours outside of class time on a theatrical production not at school site 
    • Audition for community theatre or submission of written play for competition
    • Honors Project of a performance at “Simply the Best” school showcase

Audition Requirements for the Arts Magnet Program

    • Monologues - Two 1 minute memorized and contrasting monologues (Bring a hard copy of each monologue with you or email to Ms. Smolen-Morton at in advance.)
    • Improvisation- Improvise a one to two-minute scene with beginning, middle, and end, in response to a given character and situation.
    • Pantomime- Perform a 30-second prepared pantomime with beginning, middle, and end of a person or animal engaged in an activity.
    • Interview- Questions ascertaining knowledge and skill as well as attitude and interest


  • Contact Frankie Sullivan with any questions about the Theatre program. His email is


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  • Studio Production & Film Design
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  • Theatre
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