• The South Florence High School Orchestra is made up of students in 9th-12th grades and all ability levels. They meet daily and perform several concerts throughout the year. Students in Orchestra I and II are enrolled in the CP level, F1CA students are enrolled in the Honors level. Orchestra III and IV is taught at the Honors level for all students. All students participate in All-City Orchestra and seasonal concerts. Orchestra students also have the opportunity to participate in the Solo & Ensemble festival each Spring. 

    Upon acceptance, F1CA students will have additional requirements above and beyond the base requirements for Orchestra. These requirements include:

    • Audition/ Participation in the Florence Youth Orchestra
    • Region Orchestra Auditions
    • After School peer tutoring (once a month)
    • FAME member in good standing
    • Participation in Tri-M Music Honor Society (10th-12th grades)
    • Participation in Solo & Ensemble
    • Attendance at two concerts or performances each semester (SFHS groups or community groups)

Audition Requirements for the Arts Magnet Program

  • Violin, Viola, Cello

    • 2 octave G and D Major scales
    • Solo piece from Suzuki Book 2 or higher
    • Sight Reading
    • Interview


    • 2 octave G Major and 1 octave D Major scale
    • Solo piece from Suzuki Book 2 or higher
    • Sight Reading
    • Interview


  • Contact Rebecca Jones with any questions about the Orchestra program. Her email is rjones@fsd1.org.


  • Music Technology
  • Band
  • Chorus
  • Dance
  • Studio Production & Film Design
  • Orchestra
  • Theatre
  • Visual Arts