• The South Florence High School Choral program is made up of students in 9th-12th grades and all ability levels. Students may participate in the Chorus class or audition for the Choraliers (10th-12th grades). They meet daily and perform several concerts throughout the year. Students in Chorus I and II are enrolled in the CP level, AMP students are enrolled in the Honors level. Chorus III and IV is taught at the Honors level for all students. 

    Upon acceptance, AMP students will have additional requirements above and beyond the base requirements for Chorus. These requirements include:

    • Audition for All-City Chorus
    • Audition for All-State Chorus
    • Audition for Chamber Choir and Women's Choir
    • Attend one on campus Honors Choir performance
    • Attend one off campus musical performance and submit a written review
    • Participation in Tri-M Music Honor Society (10th-12th grades)

Audition Requirements for the Arts Magnet Program

    • Solos - select two songs which show the character and quality of your voice. Students should be prepared to sing both selections from memory with piano accompaniment.

    Folk songs, hyms, lyrical/quality musical theatre, or jazz/pop ballads are permissible. The selections should be of differing styles that display musicallity, expression, understanding of vowel shaping, and range.

    • Sight Reading

    Students will echo sing simple and complex intervals and rhythmic patterns. They will also sight read a short passage on solfedge or a neutral syllable.

    • Interview


  • Contact Andrew Dibble with any questions about the Choral Program. His email is


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