• The student should be able to complete the following tasks:

    • March to a steady beat.
    • Echo clap with accuracy.
    • Determine if a pitch is higher or lower.
    • Vocalize on “Loo” to determine vocal range.
    • Sing “America” (“My Country Tis of Thee”) 1st verse only a cappella.
    • Sight read a very simple melodic pattern on “Loo” or Solfege.  
    • Sing a solo – standard vocal literature is required. Choose Classical, Folk, or Spirituals from the book listed below. It is suggested that applicants choose good repertoire and do not sing pop songs, rap, show tunes, hymns or contemporary Christian selections. These are the same guidelines for Solo and Ensemble auditions.


    The books listed below all have accompaniment CDs. Select songs from:



    • Heroes and Vagabonds Arranged by Mark Patterson (This one is for male changing voices. Each solo is in the vocal range of various levels of changing voice. The first two songs in this book would work well for unchanged and the beginning changing voice.)


    There will not be an accompanist available for your audition. You should bring your accompaniment CD, flash drive, or an accompanist with you. When using an accompanist, they will enter with the student and wait at a table in the media center during the audition until it is time for the solo.

    Rubrics are available for each task. Contact Lynn Perkins at lperkins@fsd1.org if you have questions.