• Percussion Students: (Xylophone and Snare Drum)

    A snare drum, orchestra bells, bell mallets, and drum sticks will be provided in the audition room, but students have the option (and are encouraged) to bring their own mallets and sticks. 

    The students will be asked to play:

    • A one (1) octave Ab major scale. (The scale should be memorized.)
    • Single paradiddle and a double stroke roll on the snare drum. 
    • The required audition piece (see links below)
    • Sight-read a short melodic and rhythmic example. The applicant will be given time to look at the sight-reading before performing the example. 
    • Complete an interview with the judges.

    Audition Materials:

    Snare Audition

    Snare Rudiments

    Xylophone/Mallets Audition


    Any questions regarding the band audition requirements, please direct to Mr. Cooper: avery.cooper@fsd1.org