F1S Sick Leave Bank

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  • Established in 1989, the Sick Leave Bank (SLB) provides members who are experiencing catastrophic illness and/or accident an opportunity to request additional paid leave (max of 30 days) from the bank after exhausting all personal accrued leave.


  • Open to all full-time employees of the school district. New employees can enroll at time of hire. Open enrollment is conducted annually during the month of October.

Eligibility to request leave

  • In order to be eligible to request leave from the sick leave bank, an employee must meet the following criteria.

    • be a contributing member of the bank
    • suffer from a catastrophic illness or accident
    • be absent from his/her official duties for a minimum of 20 work days and have exhausted all of his/her otherwise available leave
    • present certification by a licensed physician that he/she is unable to report to work
    • have demonstrated judicious use of sick leave

    In no event will sick leave credits from the sick leave bank be used for covering any illness lasting longer than 90 consecutive work days. The maximum number of days that may be requested at one time is 15 and only in the context of an illness or accident of ninety consecutive days or less. Employees requesting additional days must reapply in a timely manner. The maximum number of days that may be drawn from the bank for any catastrophic illness/accident is 30 days in any one school year.

    If eligible to participate, the employee will make application on an approved form to the district committee. The committee's approval or disapproval will be final.