• Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Earlier this year, Florence 1 Schools was selected to be a part of the South Carolina eLearning Pilot Program for the 2019-2020 school year.  Before these eLearning days can be initiated the state requires the district to do mock eLearning sessions to help prepare teachers, students and parents for actual eLearning days in the event of inclement weather, disruptions to the regular school day, or F1S professional development. We are pleased to inform you of two mock eLearning sessions for the fall semester.

    The goal of the mock eLearning sessions is to ensure that students in grades 2-12 can utilize their Chromebook to access Google Classroom, complete eLearning assignments, and ask questions through Google Classroom or email if needed. PreK through 1st grade and students with IEPs who do not participate in the general curriculum will complete a hands-on practice activity prepared by their teacher.

    The fall mock eLearning sessions will take place on November 15 and November 19.

    Mock eLearning at School - November 15, 2019
    The mock eLearning at school session will be conducted the morning of Nov. 15th for at least one hour. Students will resume their regular schedule after the session ends.

    Mock eLearning at Home - November 19, 2019
    The eLearning assignments should take no more than one hour to complete, after regular school hours, and will be the only homework given that day. The district will ask teachers, students, and parents to complete surveys after the mock eLearning days to help identify areas where improvement is needed.

    The mock eLearning days are designed to help the district understand the ability of our staff and students to complete work from home, including accessing internet availability. When possible, students without internet access can download assignments to their Chromebook ahead of time to ensure access. Students will have 5 days after returning to school to complete eLearning assignments in case of issues with internet connectivity at home. AT&T offers low-cost home Internet service to qualifying households. For more information visit the Access from AT&T page at https://www.f1s.org/Page/22655  

    The announcement of an actual eLearning Day will be relayed through district/school websites, the F1S mobile app, social media, automated phone calls, and local media. More information about F1S eLearning can be found at https://www.f1s.org/domain/3540

    Richard O’Malley, Ed.D.