• Suggestions for Creating eLearning Activities

    1. eLearning assignments should reflect everyday use of Google Classroom to share content, make assignments and collaborate with students.
    2. Use digital tools that you and your students have practiced using in the classroom. Don’t try something new on an eLearning Day. 
    3. Use Google Classroom to effectively communicate with students. Make sure instructions are clear and precise.  For example, use the Topic feature in Google Classroom to highlight the eLearning content and assignments for students.
    4. Use GSuite Apps to generate materials and assignment for students. Be consistent in the naming scheme for files attached to assignments. Example:  Student Directions eLearning Assignment 1 or Reading Passage eLearning Assignment 1. This is helpful for students working offline.
    5. Create a Google Doc to include in the assignment with detailed step by step directions for students. This is helpful for parents as well.
    6. Use the Chrome extension Screencastify to create short instructional videos. Store the videos in  your Google Drive for easy access with Google Classroom. Videos stored in your Google Drive and shared through Google classroom can be downloaded by students for offline access.
    7. Use online software for student practice and assessment. Lexia (K-8), Dreambox (K-8), Online Activities from Textbooks, Discovery Ed Science TechBook (K-8), Mindplay, Big Ideas (Math K-5).
    8. For safe searching consider utilizing DISCUS.