• Flexible Learning Center Class Rules


    1. All Flexible Learning Center students must enter the building through the Flexible Learning Center entrance.
    2. Any student arriving after 9:30 am must sign in at the main office before coming to class.
    3. NO BOOKBAGS ARE ALLOWED.  We suggest you bring a binder or folder to maintain your work.
    4. Absolutely no cell phone use during class. Phones may be in your pocket but cannot be used for any type of activity during class.  Cell phones may be used during any designated break.
    5. All students should be logged into a school-issued device (Chromebook, laptop) and on the Edgenuity website.  You may also have a tab open for access to a music site (if you desire), or any other site that is relevant to a lesson except when taking a Pretest, Posttest or Review Test.  If you are taking any of these tests, you must be logged into only Edgenuity.  Violation of computer rules may lead to you being uninvited from the program.  
    6. You may listen to music using headphones if you desire.  No music can be played out loud.  Violation of this rule will lead to you losing your music privileges.
    7. Any calculation that needs to be done for ANY class must be done using a school-issued calculator or using the Desmos calculator on the Chromebook.
    8. You may drink bottled water during class time.
    9. You may chew gum or eat candy in the classroom. Please place any wrappers in the trash.  No other food items may be eaten in the classroom. You may eat other foods in the student lounge. Violation of this rule may lead to you losing this privilege.
    10. If you would like to have breakfast the following morning, you need to sign the Breakfast Roster before you leave 4th Block.  Please sign the roster in your 4th Block class ONLY.


    *In addition, all students must adhere to the rules listed in the Florence One Schools Student Code of Conduct