Induction and Mentoring

  • Jennifer Heilbronn, M.Ed.

    Director of Teacher Quality

    F1 Induction Teacher Course: In order to most effectively facilitate new and novice educators' induction into Florence One Schools, the district has established a structure that supports all educators in their first year, and supports novice educators for their first three years. Monthly course meeting dates are posted on the PD in F1 Calendar.

    F1 Teacher Mentoring Program: The mentoring program pairs all new educators, regardless of prior experience, with a trained mentor in a confidential, non-evaluative partnership. This structure allows each and every new educator to receive individualized support in order to ease their transition to the district. 

    Induction One

    All incoming educators hired before the start of the year participate in a two-part district-wide orientation before they begin work. The first portion of orientation covers basic structures in the district, an introduction to current district initiatives, and other relevant expectation. The second portion is conducted at individual school buildings and covers appropriate school-specific information.

    Educators in their first year with the district are provided with a 1:1 mentor and also receive group-support through monthly new educators meetings organized by the Office of Teacher Quality.  The 1:1 mentor and new educator meetings supports Induction teachers throughout their first year in Florence One Schools.

    During the Induction year, novice educators are introduced to the Florence One Schools Evaluation Model or the ADEPT Performance Standards for Speech, Media, and Guidance, as they engage in a series of learning experiences addressing the following: 

    • District’s policies, procedures, benefits, and calendar
    • Teacher-oriented and student-oriented services available in the district and the community
    • Social, cultural, and economic characteristics of the community being served by the district
    • Services and referral procedures related to special education and EL (English Learner) students
    • Action research based on areas of Refinement and Reinforcement from 1st Semester Evaluations
    • Requirements for professional educator certification and certificate renewal

    This content is delivered in a variety of modes including: face to face, online (Google Classroom), small group, and one on one interactions.  A highlight of the program is the annual Pre-Inservice Orientation.  

    Induction Two

    Educators in Induction Two are placed within this evaluation level to receive targeted feedback, coaching, and mentoring prior to moving into formal evaluation in subsequent years.  These teachers are assigned a mentor teacher.  While they are not required to attend Induction sessions, school administrators may require attendance at specific sessions that will promote professional growth.  The mentor, administrator, and district director will follow the same observation schedule as required for Induction 1 teachers. 


    Serving as a mentor is one of the greatest distinctions of teacher leadership.  As a mentor, an accomplished educator is given the opportunity to support and influence the next generation of educators while also bearing a direct impact on student achievement beyond his or her classroom walls. 

    To serve in this role, one must satisfy the following requirements:

    • Successful completion of the SC Mentor Certification Training
    • Employment at the Continuing Contract Level for at least one year
    • Principal recommendation
    • Approval from the Office of Teacher Quality

    Once certified, advanced mentor training is required throughout the certificate renewal period.