The RTI Process


    Phase I: If the student is not meeting grade-level expectations and meets the criteria as outlined in the Florence County RTI Support Manual as needing RTI services, complete the below process:

    1. The teacher sends the Parent Notification Letter outlining concern(s) and asks for Parent Input.
    2. The teacher fills out Form A and B and turns all of the above into the SIT Team.

    Phase II: If a student has not made adequate progress with Tier I nor some Tier 2 generic intervention strategies, the student should now be reviewed by the SIT Team and Parent Notification of Meeting Form/Parent Input Form should be sent home.

    1. Student Intervention Team Meeting Summary Notes should be taken at each meeting.

    **Three cycles of RTI/SIT meetings must be conducted to determine eligibility for Phase III using three data points at consistent intervals.

    Phase III: Phase III should only occur if the student is not making adequate progress in Tier 3 intervention(s) and three data points have been collected to prove such a trend.

    1. Referral for Initial Evaluation for Special Education can then be completed.



    Additional Resources for Educators: 

    SIT Team Checklist

    Student Input Form

Process for Guardian Referral of Non-RTI Participants:

  • If a school receives a request for evaluation from an outside party for a child that has not participated in the RTI Process:


    1. A designated staff member will submit Phase I documents(above) to their designated Exceptional Children Supervisor via GoogleForms.

    2. Exceptional Children Supervisor will then have 48 hours to review documents and notify the building administrator in order to schedule a meeting to respond to the request.