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    Teacher Resource Room

    The library schedule changes each month according to the needs of the students.  The flexible schedule allows students and teachers the ability to use the library whenever it is needed. Teacher-Librarian collaboration is encouraged and always welcomed.  


    Technology Resources 

    The What, The Why, and The How to Digital Citizenship Digital Curation provides resources for understanding, resources for importance, and resources for teaching digital citizenship, cyberbullying, and internet safety. 

    When viewing the suggested teacher support resources, please be advised that you will leave the school website and we are not responsible for content beyond this page.  We try to check for accuracy and monitor the sites listed, but the internet changes daily. Be aware that commercial ads may appear on these sites and further links from the main sites may eventually navigate to uneducational materials. Use caution if using with students and always monitor when accessing in the classroom. If you find a site that no longer works or is inappropriate, please contact deborah.s.daniels@fsd1.org. 

    Learning Standards Support 

    South Carolina State Standards - Curriculum support and professional growth is provided for greater knowledge to increase essential learning opportunities developed during lesson planning and collaboration. 

    ISTE Standards - With the increasing trends of technology in education, it is important for educators to incorporate meaningful and effective learning with the use of digital tools in a responsible and content enhancing manner. 

    AASL’s National School Library Standards - The AASL Standards are presented to educators for their understanding of the school librarian/media specialist's academic framework to increase collaboration opportunities.

    Professional Growth Support  

    Blended Learning: Resource Roundup - A collection of resources including videos, tools, strategies, and additional support for incorporating the Blended Learning Method in schools. 

    G Suite for Education - Teacher support, resources, and training for all things Google. 

    PLTW (Project Lead the Way) - Teaching resources to encourage real-world, applied learning opportunities for students to promote problem solving skills. 

    Reading Rockets - Teaching reading support resources that includes videos, blogs, reading strategies, reading topics, and book suggestions to inspire all readers. 

    Science Buddies - Hands-on STEM concepts for classroom learning opportunities including lesson plan ideas and ways to implement resources with Google Classroom.

    TeachEngineering STEM Curriculum for k-12 -  Presents engineering design-aligned curriculum resources to support science practices and encourage open-ended problem solving learning in the classroom.   

    Keep up to date on new trends and technology advancements with the suggested technology blogs below. 

    Ctrl Alt Achieve Transforming Education With Technology from Eric Curts https://www.controlaltachieve.com/

    Teacher Tech With Alice Keeler https://alicekeeler.com/ 

    Learning With Christine Pinto http://christinepinto.com/

    The Techie Teacher With Julie Smith https://www.thetechieteacher.net/

    Teacher Recommendations

    If you know of a great book that we currently do not have in our school library or have ideas of materials that would benefit our curriculum, please send us an email with the book or library material suggestion to help us continue building our library collection for the professional support and enrichment of our Lucy T. Davis staff.