Helping Hands

    "Always have a willing hand to help someone, you might be the only one that does."

    ~ Roy Bennett


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    Mrs. Jeter's Helping Hands Wish List

    I am grateful that my job as an educator provides me with daily opportunities to willingly help others.  A value that is important in instilling in our classroom--I will always lend a helping hand when I can!  With a population of 900+ students and a PE budget less than $500, the following items would be beneficial for student use in physical education class and/or recess.  Are you able to lend a helping hand?


    • Disinfecting Wipes
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Facial Tissue
    • Clip Boards
    • Stability Balls
    • Noodle Bits
    • Movement Scarves
    • Pedometers
    • Heart Rate Monitors
    • Foam Footballs
    • Basketballs
    • Soccer Balls (size 4 & 5)
    • Playground Balls
    • Jump Ropes
    • Hula Hoops
    • Balancing Boards
    • Walking Stilts
    • Exercise (Stretching) Mats
    • Pedometers
    • Spinning Plates
    • Stacking Cups



    Can you lend a helping hand?