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    We are excited to announce that Florence 1 Schools and McLeod Health are working together to launch a School-Based Telehealth Program (SBTP) at your child’s school.

    The SBTP will allow students to receive health care services conveniently during school hours in the school health room. This service is not designed to replace your primary care doctor; rather it will provide diagnosis and treatment of non-emergent conditions that may occur during the school day.

    A McLeod Health Board Certified Nurse Practitioner or Physician will provide the clinical assessment and treatment plan. The service will be just like a normal doctor’s visit but the student will connect with the provider using video conferencing equipment. The school nurse will make every effort to contact the parent or legal guardian before the visit occurs. Following the visit, a summary will be sent home with the student and any necessary medications will be sent to your pharmacy of choice.

    This service is designed to:

    • Get students better, quicker
    • Reduce the number of days the student will be absent from school
    • Reduce the amount of time the parent/legal guardian will be away from work
    • Eliminate barriers (i.e. transportation issues, parent/legal guardian unable to leave work) that may interfere with the student’s access to healthcare

     If you would like for your child to have the opportunity to participate in this program (SBTP), the following forms must be completed:

    1. Consent for Treatment – Signing this form allows your child to receive medical care in the school when appropriate. You will be contacted before any treatment occurs.
    2. Patient Demographic Form – This form gives the medical team the necessary patient and insurance information.
    3. Consent for Release of Education Records and Information - Signing this form allows the school and the healthcare team to work together. They can share medical, psychological, and other information about your child in order to better treat the child’s condition.
    4. Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information – Signing this form allows the school and the healthcare team to work together to better coordinate care for your child.

    McLeod TeleHealth Forms

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For additional information regarding McLeod Telehealth, contact:

    Ashley Springs, Telehealth Coordinator

    Chris Moseley, Telehealth Coordinator

    You can also contact the nurse at your child’s school.