• Credit Recovery

    What is Credit Recovery?

    Edgenuity and APEX are computer-based programs designed to provide an opportunity for students to recover credit for core courses for graduation. To be eligible for APEX, a student must have a FINAL grade of 51-59. Students with WF are not permitted into the program as they were not in the class for the length of its duration. Unlike a regular class room situation, credit recovery is a PRIVILIGE, not a requirement. Students who opt not to comply with behavioral standards and/or proper use will be removed from the program, forfeiting the opportunity to recover credit.

    How does it work?

    Students who need to recover credit are assigned units in their curriculum to complete. The number of units required is determined by the particular class, the standards set by the state standards, and the teachers of the department. For each unit, a student will complete lessons, quizzes, and tests. When the curriculum is completed, a student must have maintained an overall average of 60 in order to receive credit.

    What grade do students receive?

    Students who failed a course will receive a P entered on their transcript, and the unit will be restored upon completion of the assigned curriculum. The student's GPA is not affected with credit recovery. If a student wishes to improve his GPA, he must repeat the course.