• Rental Agreement

    It is further mutually agreed between the renter and Florence One Schools:

    1. Renter shall not violate any city ordinance or state law in or about the premises.
    2. Renter shall not sub-let the premises, or any part therof.
    3. Renter must not make any alterations or improvements to said premises. (ex: No nails, tacks, tape, etc.)
    4. When using an auditorium, commons area or conference room, the renter must make provisions for the fire Marshal to be present if more than 100 people. Fire Marshal Chris Johnson can be reached at 843-665-3231.
    5. For safety reasons, all rentals will be required to have security services provided by the Florence City Police or Florence County Sheriff departments, at applicant expense. With a minimum of three (3) hours, officers are required for the duration of the event. Service will be arranged by Florence One Schools.
    6. The use of the facilities kitchen is not allowed for cooking and/or heating food.
    7. NO food and/or drinks may be inside the facility except in the cafeteria area only.
    8. Selling for profit is not allowed on Florence One School premises.
    9. The use and possession of illegal drugs, tobacco and/or alcoholic beverages by any person on Florence One Schools, facilities is strictly prohibited. If there is any evidence of this use or possession, the contract will be voided immediately and future use may be denied.
    10. Renter is responsible for setting up before and all cleaning after the event. Renters is responsible for any damages to the facility.
    11. Renter must provide proof of insurance specific for this event prior to the use of the facility no later than 10 days before event.
    12. All fees must be paid in full no later than 10 days before event.
    13. Renter is to be out of facility by time listed on contract. Any time overage will result in extra cost that will be billed to renter for immediate payment.  Invoice for overage not paid within 10 days after date of notice will result in a loss of privileges for future rentals.
    14. I understand that the use of F1S facilities is for community groups or individuals when such use is for public, rather than private/personal activities.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Failure to adhere to any of the above rules will void this agreement and renters will be denied future use of all Florence One School Facilities.

    If you agree to all of the above conditions download the Rental Agreement.  Print and sign the agreement, then upload the signed agreement to your rental request on the SchoolDude website.