• I use the district's list of common core reading words for kindergarten to make these sentences, as well as our sentences for handwriting.  They need to be able to read these words to help them be successful in kindergarten AND first grade.

    Please go over the sentence for that week with your child over the weekend and each day/night.  Together, we can help our children to become successful readers and writers.  (You might want to have them write the dictated sentence for that week 2 or 3 times per night.)  Talk to them about the little tricks used in decoding the words and spelling the words correctly.

     Thank you,

    Missy Caulkins and Cheryl Dean

    (Some of these sentences don't make much sense and are rather silly.  That's because of that week's set of vocabulary words that I had to try using in the sentences.  Couldn't help it!)


    Dictated sentence for the week of:

    May 16-20:  Mother doesn't know what they've done!

    May 23-27:  In autumn, hawks yawn before dawn on the seesaw.

    May 30-June 3:  We don't have to go to school any more!