• Scholarship Tips

    Below is a list of potential scholarship opportunities for you to explore.  Please understand that this is not an exaustive list.  There are many places to search for scholarships.  We have heard it said that the one who applies for the most scholarships recieves the most scholarships.  REMEMBER: NEVER PAY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP SEARCH!  So where can you look?  See my list below for some considerations. 

    • South Florence, West Florence, Wilson High Schools Guidance Pages
    • SCOIS.NET- (Each F1S student should have a username and password to save scholarship searches. See your school counselor or career specialist for more information.)
    • Commision on Higher Education website for information about state scholarships www.che.sc.gov
    • Salliemae.com- be aware that this is a third party vendor not associated with F1S and FCC.  Neither is F1S endorsing this site nor encouraging loans through this entity, this will be at your discresion.  But they have a great scholarship search page for free! https://www.salliemae.com/college-planning/college-scholarships/ 
    • SchooLinks- www.schoolinks.com (see your school counselor for log in information)
    • https://www.tallo.com/ this is formally called Stem Premier (see Mr. DuBose for more information)
    • https://www.raise.me/ 
    • Career One Stop Scholarship finder Here
    • Visit SCTUITIONGRANTS.ORG to see if you qualify for the SC tuition grant program for SC independent colleges. FAFSA application deadline JUNE 30, 2019



    Many links on this page direct visitors away from the F1S website.  F1S and the Florence Career Center do not necessarily endorse third party vendors neither take responsibility for their posted web content.  If there is an issue with any posted links on this page please email Bryan.L.DuBose@fsd1.org as soon as possible.



  • 2019-2020 Scholarship list 

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