• Third Grade Supply List 2019-2020

    Wide Ruled Paper- 2 packs

    #2 pencils- 2 packs  (NO mechanical lead pencils)

    Pencil pouch with 3 holes to put in a binder (NO pencil boxes)

    Binder (1 1/2 inches)

    4 Hard-cover marble notebooks (NO spiral notebooks)

    3 - 2 Pocket Folders with three holes to put into a binder

    1 Plastic 3-pronged Folder with pockets

    Cap erasers    

    Index cards

    Glue Sticks (4-6)


    Wish List 

    Tissues (1 box)

    Hand Sanitizer (10 oz bottle)


    Please do not label supplies.  We will provide labels on the first day of school.  If you feel that you MUST write your child’s name on their folders and notebooks, please do so in the INSIDE FRONT cover. Thanks!