• What you need to know about auditioning for District One Vocal Star

    Upcoming preliminary auditions:  January held at SFHS, Monday, Jan. 9th afterschool

    This is exciting for children; not just the prospect of winning a cash prize, but also receiving acknowledgement for something you like to do.  Please remember that there are only nine (9) students selected from each age level so the competition is really tough.  Believe me, there are more than nine singers in each age group that are wonderful singers that won’t be selected.  PLEASE keep trying in future years if you are not chosen this year. Factors such as song selection or improved stage presence can improve your chances each year. Another factor is that past winners in each age level cannot compete again until they go up to the next age group.

    The judges that select the nine (9) finalists are usually school music teachers and know how to put a child at ease.  They are kind and understand nerves. There will usually be one man and one woman on the panel to insure a fair outcome if possible Remember, most of our semi-finalists judges have music degrees from universities and know what a good singer is supposed to sound like, even pop singers!

    Please remember the following to get the best possible score in your audition:

    • Pick a song that fits your age category (especially important for elementary division)
    • Pick a song with no inappropriate words or have a sexual theme (this is a school sponsored event)
    • Bring an accompanist or accompaniment track if at all possible (it will help your score)
    • Come in prepared (practice); ask your school music teacher to listen to you sing your selection
    • You don’t have to dress up but it never hurts to look good when you are auditioning
    • Memorize your song; everyone forgets a word sometimes but taking in sheet music makes you look like you are unprepared
    • Be gracious to the judges; don’t forget to thank them for listening to you

    If you are chosen as one of the nine semifinalist, you must be able to compete February 22, 2018 in the District One’s Vocal Star Competition. Each division will name a winner who will win a $300 cash award.  The completion will begin at 5:00 PM for the Elementary group; at 6:15 PM for the Middle Group and 7:30 PM for the High school group.

    Any questions you have can be directed to:   Laura Greenway,

    Florence District One Performing Arts Coordinator