• Mrs. Ham's Class Rules & Consequences


    Students spend many hours each day in school and their ability to find a satisfying place in the classroom group is of major importance.  Since their need to belong – “to feel significant and important” – is basic, it is my desire to help each student choose appropriate behavior to achieve their special place in our classroom.  All students deserve an excellent learning environment and are encouraged to choose appropriate behavior, which is in accordance with classroom expectations.


    • Expectations:


    1. Listen carefully and follow directions
    2. Work quietly - Do not disturb others who are working
    3. Respect others - Be kind with your words and actions
    4. Respect school and personal property
    5. Work and play safely


    • Commitment:

    I will initially use one or more of the following intervention strategies to address inappropriate behavior:

    1. Stand close by the student
    2. Send a secret signal to the student
    3. Distract the student engaging in attention–seeking behavior
    4. Praise appropriate behavior
    5. Move the student
    6. Redirect the student
    7. Recognize achievement
    8. Student conference with teacher


    • Consequences:

    I put a face each day in your child’s agenda letting you know how their day went.  A green J is for good behavior.  A yellow :/  symbolizes your child’s behavior was “corrected” many times during the day.  A red L is for unsatisfactory behavior.  A blue L tells you your child has been referred for not following school rules and you will need to come to school to discuss his/her actions. Please check your child’s agenda each day and sign or initial it.  If you need to write me a note, this is the perfect place.  I check the agendas each morning. Thank you for your support. I look forward to a successful school year!