• Classroom Management

    Each day, students have the opporutnity to earn .5 cent for every rule they follow in Resource for that day. They all have the opportunity to earn .25 cent per week. On Mondays, students will cash in their coins at our classroom store. They can buy candy, toys, and different goodies that they may like, according to how much money they have.  


    Class Rules & Consequences



    • Rule One- Treat all class members with respect.
    • Rule Two- Treat class materials with respect.
    • Rule Three- Come to class prepared and ready to work.
    • Rule Four- Raise your hand and wait to be called to speak.
    • Rule Five- Stay in your space and do your work.


    • First Offense- Verbal warning
    • Second Offense- In class time out
    • Third Offense- 5 minute reflection during recess
    • Fourth Offense- Contact parents
    • Fifth Offense- Office referral


    Any behavior that endanger others will require automatic office referral!