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  • Ms. Yanda’s Classroom Expectations

    Biology I

    Class Schedule 1st – Planning    2nd – Biology 1 H   3rd – Biology 1 CP    4th – Biology 1 H

    Email: pyanda@fsd1.org                 Honors Textbook – Miller and Levine Biology (Parrot book)        

            College Prep Textbook – Glencoe Science Biology (Zebra book)


    Welcome! I am excited about this semester and looking forward to getting to know each of you. This information packet is very important and I would like you and your caretaker(s) to read through it together. Please complete, sign, and detach the form on the last page and return to me for my records. This will be your first grade in class. (Hint: easy grade!). This is an EOC course!!!


    Required:                                                                                            Teacher wish list:

    • Binder or sturdy pocketed folder                                                 hand sanitizer
    • Black or blue pen, pencil, & highlighter                                        crafting supplies (beads, pom poms, pipe cleaners, etc)
    • Loose leaf paper 
    • Colored pencils                                                                                   

    Optional (but very useful)

    • Note cards
    • Small personal pencil sharpener


    Biology 1 Course Summary: (from the FSD1 2017-2018 Course Catalogue)

    Level: CP, H                 Credit: 1                      Grade: 10

    Biology 1 is a course designed for the college preparatory student. It is the gateway course for more advanced study in the life sciences. Some major topics of discussion include: the cell, molecular basis of heredity, biological evolution, interdependence of organisms, matter, energy, organization of living systems, and regulation and behavior. The Biology End-of-Course exam will be given at the completion of this course.


    CLASS RULES: For us to have a successful semester, you must know what I expect of you and what you can expect of me. These are general rules that can be applied to any situation.

    Be Prompt

    Be Prepared

    Be Polite

    Be Accountable 


    Consequences: In the event that you choose not to follow one of the classroom rules, one or more of the following will result depending on the infraction:

    1. Verbal reminder. I will say something to you concerning your misbehavior.
    2. Parental Involvement. I will phone or e-mail your caretaker(s).
    3. Parent conference/Counselor Involvement/Referral.



    • Be on time with appropriate materials.
    • Sit in your assigned seat, place backpacks and purses on the floor, and begin “bellwork” upon entering class.
    • No food or drinks in class.
    • The District Policies for ID, Tardies, and Cell Phones will be enforced.
    • The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell. You may not line up at the door before the bell.
    • Do not leave seat or talk if the teacher is actively teaching. Wait for a pause in instruction to sharpen pencil, etc.
    • If you miss a lab, test, quiz, or other assignment, it is your responsibility to see me to make arrangements to make up the assignment. You should not interrupt a lesson to inquire about missing work.
    • If a student comes to class not prepared for lab then the student must come back after school at a time agreeable to the teacher and the student, or the teacher may provide an alternate assignment at 80% of the maximum grade. See the FSD1 Student Safety Contract for more information concerning laboratory policies.
    • It is your responsibility to keep up with your current average using returned papers and/or Powerschool. Do not ask me to take class time to look up your grade.
    • The teacher will assign groups and roles for each individual in the group. You are responsible for your own grade as well as the success of the group. Ask fellow group members for help before you ask me.



    You will earn a grade in science based on percentages. Grading areas include classwork, quizzes, tests, labs, projects, homework, midterm, and end of course test. It is your responsibility to check your grades online regularly, and you will be given a sheet for your notebook to record grades as assignment are returned. The following are the point values certain assignments are usually worth.

    Tests:  50% (EOC is worth 20% of the final grade.)

    Labs/Projects:  20%

    Quizzes: 10%

    Classroom Assignments/Homework: 20%




    A=90-100                   B=80-89                     C=70-79                     D= 60-69        F=DON’T GO THERE


    The first 9 weeks midterm Exam will count 10% of your grade for the 9 weeks.




    Each day when you come into the classroom, there will be a short question or task. You should be in your seat and starting the “Bellwork” when the bell rings. You will need to write the date, copy the question, and answer the question in 2-3 complete sentences. These will be collected when each week. If you are absent, you will need to get the “Bellwork” from a classmate. This should be an “easy” grade.


    Makeup Assignments

    It is very important that you take responsibility for finding out what assignments, notes, and labs you have missed if you are absent (excused). If you are absent, it is your responsibility to see me for missed assignments. Students who miss a test or review day when no new material has been presented are expected to take the test missed on their first day back to school. Makeup work missed due to an absence must be made up within 5 school days. (See Agenda)


    Test/Lab Makeup and Tutoring Day: Tuesdays from 3:45-? Please arrive on time.


    Ms. Yanda’s helpful suggestions

    I love science and my goal is to help guide you through a successful semester. Hopefully, you will gain an appreciation for the study of science along the way. I expect you to try your best in my class and to have a good attitude. Biology can be challenging, and you will have to study and put forth your best effort. Please feel comfortable asking for my help when you need it. You are capable of meeting my expectations and I am here to help, but we won’t S_CCEED without U. Let’s have a stellar class!