• Mrs. White's Daily Schedule

    7:35-8:00 Arrival, Lunch Count, Attendance, Announcements

    8:00-9:00 Morning Meeting, Music and Movement, ELA Whole Group (Read-aloud, Phonemic Awareness, Handwriting, Theme Lessons)

    9:00-10:30 Centers, Small Groups, Theme Lessons

    10:30-10:45 Read-aloud, Bathroom, Prepare for Lunch

    10:45-11:10 Lunch (Line B, Sit at Tables Closest to Cafeteria Entrance)

    11:10-11:30 Independent Reading, Bathroom, Read-aloud

    11:30-11:50 Math Whole Group

    11:50-12:20 Recess

    12:20-12:35 Quiet Time, Water, Bathroom

    12:35-1:25 Related Arts

    1:25-2:00 Snack, Pack Up

    2:00-2:30 Dismissal