Student Code of Conduct

  • It is our goal in Florence 1 Schools to promote and develop good academic achievement and school citizenship.

    Most students are excellent examples of good citizens.  They are rarely absent or tardy, recognize the importance of learning, enjoy the challenges of increased responsibility, form healthy relationships with staff and other students, participate in school activities of their choice, and in general, meet the demands of growing up and getting an education in a most satisfactory manner.

    However, a few students seem unable or unwilling to accept responsibility for their own behavior.  Some seem determined to avoid any serious effort to gain an education or to respect common rules of behavior. Worse still, they sometimes make it difficult for serious students to go about the important business of learning.

    This Code of Conduct identifies unacceptable pupil behavior in our schools.  Pupils who commit the offenses listed in this Code will be disciplined as indicated.

    We feel discipline is a preventive and integral part of the elementary program.  The offenses and corrective actions/penalties listed may not be appropriate to every child.  Therefore, the Code is written to allow the administrator some flexibility to judge the seriousness of the offense and the appropriate corrective action or penalty.  

    Each child has been provided a copy of this Code.  Each parent/guardian should review the Code with his/her child(ren) and stress the importance of acceptable behavior.  A personal copy of this Code will be provided to any resident upon request.

    A copy of this code is found below. 

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.