• Ground Rules

    Walk slowly, gracefully, and quietly

    Talk softly and quietly (5 inch voice)

    Carry a tray, rug or basket with two hands close to your body

    Use a rug for floor activities:

    •         all materials stay on the rug
    •         sit next to the rug not on the rug
    •         walk around rugs and never sit or walk on rugs
    •         roll up the rug and return it to its place

    Always return material to its original place

    Never disturb or interrupt another’s work

    Keep your hands and feet to yourself

    When you need a teacher, walk over to her and touch her

    shoulder or arm.  If she holds up her hand, it means to go to another adult for help.

    Wash your hands (hand sanitizer also used)

    •         before eating
    •         before preparing food
    •         after using the toilet
    •         after using play dough

    Push in chairs using both hands

    Carry a chair with both hands with the legs facing down

    Carry a table tray with the legs facing toward you



    Verbal warning

    Observation chair (refocus)

    Peace table/area

    Note in the agenda

    Phone call

    Discipline referral