• Welcome to Prob & Stats/AP Stats

    Mr. CHARD                ROOM 243-C

    Students, Stat & Probability (S&P) is designed to prepare you for several college courses, and as so, it will sometimes be taught similar to a college level course.  Your daily grade is a small part of your final grade.  The remaining portion is from teacher graded materials. We are on the semester schedule and this demands a rapid pace.  We will often cover two lessons a day with homework from each lesson. Here are some important bits of information:

     S & P Stuff—in addition to the normal school supplies (paper, pencils) you will need:

    • A 1”-2” loose leaf binder or spiral leaf dedicated only to Statistics & Probability
    • Calculator (TI-Nspire)
    • Graph paper (needed occasionally during semester)

     S & P Grading—your quarter grades will be based on the following percentages:

    • Summative (Chapter Tests, Mid-chapter Quizzes, & Major Projects) 55%
    • Formative (Minor Quizzes, Minor Projects, Homework & Classwork) 45%

    –No Midterm Exam 

    –your Final grade will be 45% first quarter, 45% second quarter and 10% final exam

     The Stats on Rules

    • The Agenda is our rule-book, we will follow it closely
    • Respect for the property and feelings of others is expected
    • Bottled drinks are the only ‘food’ allowed in the classroom
    • Attitude is a choice, make a good choice and bring a good attitude
    • The Discipline policy and the Make-up Policy in the Agenda will be adhered to (Please read these carefully)

     This can be a great semester and I am here to help you succeed. 

     Respectfully yours,

     Johnny Chard

     P.S. Our class motto, taken from Apollo 13, is “Failure is not an option