• Our Social Contract

    (We promise to...)

    • Be polite
    • Be respectful
    • Follow directions
    • Walk carefully
    • Keep our hands, feet and objects to ourselves


    Procedures Upon Arrival

    (I will...)

    • Unpack quietly
    • Make lunch choice
    • Get breakfast
    • Begin morning work

    To get the attention of the teacher

    (I will...)

    • Raise my hand (if I have a question or a statement)
    • Raise my crossed fingers (if I need to use the restroom)
    • Cover my nose and raise my hand (if I need a tissue)


    • My pencil breaks, I will place it in the "broken" cup and get a new one from the "sharpened" cup
    • I need water, I may quietly get a sip from my water bottle, in my cubby
    • I do not follow directions, my actions will have consequences