New Employee Payroll Orientation

  • Florence School District One Payroll has two types of employees, semi-monthly and biweekly. Semi-monthly employees are paid twice a month, the 15th and the 29th. Semi-monthly employees receive 24 equal paychecks throughout the year. We have two classifications of semi-monthly employees, Certified and Non-Certified. Many employees do not have a clear understanding of how we calculate payroll. We have provided examples below.

    Non-Certified Employee

    $5.00 per hour for a 7.5 hour work day with a 190 day contract
    5.00 x 7.5 = 37.50 per day (daily rate)
    37.50 x 190 = 7125.00 annual budgeted salary
    7125.00 / 24 = 296.88 per paycheck for 24 equal checks

    Certified Employee

    Teacher (Bachelors) with 0 years’ experience and a 190 day contract
    20,000 annual budgeted salary
    20,000 / 190 = 105.27 per day (daily rate)
    20,000 / 24 = 833.34 per paycheck for 24 equal checks

    Biweekly employees are paid on a biweekly basis, every other Friday, for the prior two weeks of work performed. We have provided examples below.

    $5.00 per hour for an 8 hour work day
    5.00 x 8 = 40.00 per day (daily rate)
    8 hours a day for 5 days = 40 hours x 5.00 = 200.00 per week
    2 weeks x 40 hours = 80 hours x 5.00 = 400.00 per payroll

    The number of days in your contract will determine the number of days you will receive in sick leave. Each employee will receive 2 personal days at a reduced daily rate. If you have sick leave available you may use 2 of your sick days as personal days. If you have NO sick leave available OR you have already used 2 of your sick leave days as personal days and you need to take a personal day you will need to use a reduced daily rate personal day. Certified employee rate is $60 per day and non-certified employee rate is $12 per day. Once you have used your 2 personal days and/or have exhausted all sick leave you will be docked your daily rate of pay for each day out.