•                                 Snacks for Our Class

    Guidelines for Providing Snacks

    Thank you for helping to provide snacks for our class this year. Your cooperation and generosity will make it possible for us to provide a variety of nutritious snacks for the children. Allowing your child to accompany you to the store to purchase the snack supplies will help their sense of responsibility. By providing snack, your child is contributing to an important class activity, which increases feelings of belonging to our community. Snack time offers a chance to practice grace and courtesy, while enjoying time with a friend.


    Our Snack Procedures

    Snack is a choice in our class just like the lessons on our shelves. The children select snack by putting their name on now, washing their hands, getting their water, and selecting their snack for the day. The assistant teacher selects the snack and the amount the children are to get each day. Two children may eat snack at a time, while two children may put their name on waiting. This lets the children at snack know who is next. After the children eat snack and clean up, it is their responsibility to tap the next child to let them know to come to snack. Although snack is a choice, we do try to encourage/remind the children about eating snack during their work time, especially at the beginning of the year. If your child comes home and tells you they did not have snack. Please encourage them to select snack the next day. Often what happens is that children become so focused on their work, they will forget about snack.