•                         Ground Rule Guidelines for Parents

    "Part of the preparation of the environment for the child's learning involves the establishment of ground rules of human behavior. These provide the limits for the group and for the individual." Rambush

    Students are free to work with any material displayed in the environment, as long as they have been introduced to the lesson and they use the lesson respectfully. They may not harm themselves, others, or the materials. They may not use the material in any way that disturbs the activities of the other students. They may not remove or take home any material from the lessons.

    The students may work on either a rug or a table; whichever is suitable for the work they select. Students do not work at or on displayed shelves, since their presence would obstruct another student from getting work.

    The students restore the lesson during and after their lesson. They are responsible for mopping their own spills, rolling their rugs neatly, return their chairs under the table, and put mats away when used.

    No student may touch the lesson of another or interfere with another student's work. However, a student may ask to join a lesson but has to respect the answer the student gives him/her.

    Students have the right to stand or sit as an observer of any group activity without becoming a participant. They are not permitted to interfere or disrupt a lesson in which they have chosen not to participate.