•                                Montessori Ground Rules

    The ground rules of our classroom are to protect the right of the individual student. Everything that each student does affects the others around them. So that each student can concentrate without interruption, it is necessary for each student to observe the following ground rules:

    1. Walk slowly
    2. Speak softly
    3. Use two hands to carry all materials
    4. Use a rug for all floor lessons
    5. Carry trays with two hands, close to your body
    6. Return chair under the table before picking up your lesson
    7. Return lessons to the shelf neat and clean
    8. You may join another student's work if they say "yes"
    9. When the bell rings, stop work, return all lessons to the shelf, come to the line and sit silently
        (except 5K may leave work out)
    10. Touch the teacher's shoulder and wait for a response when you need help