What is the Montessori Approach? 

    The Montessori Method is based upon the child's natural desire to learn.  This method stresses active, hands-on learning in a prepared classroom environment that contains attractive and carefully sequenced materials.  For more than 100 years, children throughout the world have been educated with the method and materials developed by Dr. Maria Montessori.  Montessori education emphasizes development in an environment which offers both freedom and structure.  Freedom comes from choice and structure from the ordered environment."

    What makes Montessori Unique?

    ·        Based on scientific observation

    ·        Used worldwide

    ·        Has thrived for more than 100 years

    ·        Used for educating infants through adolescents

    ·        Emphasizes life skills and peaceful interpersonal relations

    Montessori at a Glance

    ·        Individualized instruction

    ·        Hands-on learning

    ·        Multi-aged classes

    ·        Opportunities for the child to observe, discover and experiment

    ·        Emphasis on respect for self, others and the environment


    All quotes are from the brochure came from the South Carolina Montessori Alliance.  (www.SCMontessori.org) 

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