• Our classroom provides a prepared environment where students are free to respond to their natural tendency to work. This environment offers them the elements for their natural development. The Montessori materials found within the classroom were designed specifically for your child's progress. The characteristics of the prepared environment include beauty, order, simplicity, and accessibility.

    The students are given freedom to work and move around with guidelines that enable them to work together as a community. The materials within the classroom are specifically designed to help them explore their world and develop their cognitive skills. The mixed age groups(ages 3 to 6) encourage all students to develop socially and intellectually at their own pace. The three year age range enables the younger children to learn from the older students.

    Your child will be encouraged to develop independently and to take responsibility for their own education. The teacher is responsible for maintaining the environment. However, your child will help with keeping the classroom beautiful.

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    Welcome to a picture walk around our classroom. As your child enters the classroom, he/she will be greeted by a student at the door before coming into the classroom. Mrs. Saxton will be available to guide your child throughout the day. From this view, you can see the colorful rug where your child will sit for the morning and the afternoon line time.

    During line time, we share stories, poems, and review procedures for our classroom. The rug is the place where we begin to build our community each morning.

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    This area of our classroom is called Practical life. In Practical life, your child will be introduced to lessons for daily life. These lessons help to develop your child's coordination of movement, order of activity (sequence, routine), concentration, and independence.

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    Practical life lessons build a foundation on which our students will grow and carry over into the other areas of the classroom, and over into everyday life. Do not be surprised when your child comes home and wants to fold towels, sweep the floor, mop, and roll your rugs. This is all part of Practical life.

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    The Sensorial lessons follow practical life. These materials are designed to develop cognitive skills and to help the students classify and order by touching, seeing, smelling, tasting, listening, and exploring all the physical properties of the materials within our classroom and outside environment.


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    Language development is vital to all our students. In this area of our classroom, your child will have opportunities to experience oral language as they learn letter sounds, poetry, songs, and stories. They will play "I Spy" which helps them to connect sounds with objects. The sounds will be connected to the symbol as they trace sandpaper letters with their fingers which encourages writing and reading skills.


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    Our mathematical lessons will help your child learn and understand the concepts of math by manipulating concrete materials. These lessons help your child build a solid foundation for understanding basic mathematical principles which prepares them for later abstract lessons. Your child is introduced to counting and the decimal system, memory work, recognition of numbers and symbols, addition, multiplication, and subtraction.


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    Culture is the area of the classroom that brings our community together. The students take what they have learned from the other areas and apply them in this area of our classroom. The students learn about people and cultures in other countries with an attitude of respect and wonder. Through familiarity, the students connect as we taste food from other countries, listen to stories and music, and explore things that those countries have given to our country. The lessons and experiences from Science and nature inspire a reverence for our outside environment which is currently under construction.