Power School Resources

  • How do I enroll a new student in PowerSchool?

    To enroll a new student who has never attended a school in your district,
    follow procedures using your Mastery in Minutes audio/video clips.
    Enrollment code choices in SC:

    • E –student is eligible for state funding.
    • EEI – student is not eligible for state fundng.

    SSN: This is required for SIF agent and assignment of the student’s StateID
    (formerly SUNS number).
    Enrollment Date: This should be the student’s first day at school for the new
    school year. Be careful when entering this date during a summer registration
    prior to the first day your school begins; the default is the current date on
    which you are entering student information.
    FTE: Default is set to blank; for students who are coded with an E, you
    should select “full-time” from the dropdown list. If you do not indicate FTE
    prior to clicking on the submit button, you will have to re-enter your data on
    this page. PowerSchool needs this field for membership and attendance


    How do I transfer a student from one school to another in my district BEFORE the new year begins?
    The process for transferring a student from one school to another includes three major steps:

    • Transfer the student out of one school.
    • Transfer the student to another school.



    Transferring/Withdrawing Students Priorto 2014-15 End-of-Year Process

    If you have a student who will be withdrawing from your school before the “End-of Year” process has been completed, the transfer/withdrawal process will need to be completed in the 2014-15 school year:

    1) If the student is transferring to another school within our district, change the “Next School Indicator” to the appropriate school. The “End-of-Year” process will move the student’s record to the selected school within our district.

    2) If the student is leaving our district, “Transfer Out” the student using 6/5/2015 as the withdrawal date and W22 (Transfer/Out of district) as the exit code.