• South Carolina Laws for National and State Holidays

    We are required, by law, to acknowledge and educate students about certain holidays throughout the school year.  If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, schools must set aside instructional time the school day before the holiday. In addition, the entire text of the law regarding these days are available below. These holidays include:

    Patriot Day- Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021

    SECTION 53-3-160. September eleventh.

    The eleventh day of September of each year is designated as a State Day of Remembrance for the victims of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, and for the firefighters, law enforcement, National Guard, emergency service personnel, and 911 telecommunicators who risk their lives and contribute every day to ensure the safety of South Carolina's citizens.

    Constitution Day- Friday, September 17, 2021

    (This holiday is not listed in SC Law but is a federal holiday. In 2005 Congress designated September 17 as a day "to hold educational programs for students" on the Constitution. Authorizing legislation states that all educational institutions and federal agencies receiving federal funds will hold educational programs about the Constitution on September 17-Constitution Day.)

    SC Patriotism Week- November 8-12, 2021

    Veteran's Day-Monday, Thursday November 11, 2021

    SECTION 53-3-150. Patriotism Week.

    (A) The week which includes the eleventh day of November in each year is designated as "Patriotism Week" in South Carolina. The Governor shall issue appropriate proclamations to commemorate "Patriotism Week" which must be observed throughout South Carolina with appropriate ceremonies and events to: 

    (1) recognize the important contributions made by our military veterans to American society;

    (2) honor the supreme sacrifices made by our veterans in defending the freedoms and protections afforded by the United States Constitution; and

    (3) memorialize those men and women who lost their lives in military service.

    (B) The State Superintendent of Education shall encourage school districts to:

    (1) observe "Patriotism Week" by holding appropriate ceremonies, events, and assemblies on school grounds; and

    (2) develop appropriate curricula that focus on the purposes of "Patriotism Week".

    (C) Commissioners and directors of state agencies and governing bodies of political subdivisions shall encourage participation by public employees in ceremonies and events during "Patriotism Week".

     Arbor Day - Friday, December 3, 2021

    SECTION 53-3-10. Arbor Day.

    The first Friday of December of each year is set apart as Arbor Day and as a part of the observance of Arbor Day the officials, teachers, supervisors, principals and superintendents of the public schools are directed to observe the first Friday in December in each year as South Carolina Arbor Day with appropriate ceremonies, including the planting of trees on school property, and all civic, patriotic and fraternal organizations are requested to lend their assistance in the observance of such day in an appropriate manner.

    South Carolina Day- Friday, March 18, 2021

    SECTION 53-3-60. South Carolina Day.

    The public schools shall observe Calhoun's birthday, the eighteenth of March of each year, as South Carolina Day and on that day the school officers and teachers shall conduct such exercises as will conduce to a more general knowledge and appreciation of the history, resources and possibilities of this State. If such day shall fall on Saturday or Sunday the Friday nearest to March eighteenth shall be so observed and if any school shall not be in session on such date, the celebration may be held before the close of the term. The State Superintendent of Education shall suggest such topics or programs as he may deem appropriate for the celebration of South Carolina Day.