• Florence One Schools

    Our first day for KONA ICE is Mon., Aug. 11.  The other dates for the remainder of the year are tentative:

    Sept. 8, Nov. 3, Dec. 15, Mar. 9, Apr. 6, and May 11.

    Mon., Aug. 1:  First day of school for students.  (Yes, you may walk your children into school this day only.)

    Wed., Aug. 31:  Interim reports sent out for 5-year old students.

    Mon., Sept. 5:  No school.


    Mrs. Cribb sent an email to all parents containing links for:  Pre-registration (All 3k, 4k, 5k students need to register as NEW students.), first week of school bus transportation (complete by July 17), lunch application (please fill out even if you do not wish to participate), supply lists for each grade.

    School begins at 7:35.  I start teaching at 7:40; breakfast will end at this time.  School dismisses at 2:15.    The kindergarten students (3-, 4- and 5-year olds), will go directly to our classrooms in the mornings.  If your child arrives after 7:45, they are late and you must walk up to the front doors of the school to sign them into the computer system as being late.  (An administrator will be there to help you do this.)

    Snack Schedule:  If you would like a copy of the snack schedule, please just let me know.  We will let you know when your week is well before that time.  I can not put it on the web page because it has the children's full names (first and last) on it.  I assign the snack weeks in alphabetical order according to their last name with the 5-year olds first, followed by the 4-year olds, and the 3-year olds last.  Then we go through the entire list of students again as needed. 

    Clarification on signing out children early:  (This is the district policy.)  If a child is signed out of school before 11:45, they are counted as being absent for that day.  (They have to be at school for four (4) hours in order to be counted present for the day.)  *Call the school first for procedures to sign the children out early. 664-8457.

    Birthday Celebrations:  We do indeed celebrate our children's birthdays.  We make a birthday timeline.  (You can make this or I can make it in the classroom.  I would need you to send in at least one photograph of your child for each year of his/her life at least one week before the birthday.  We will send home this timeline after we have displayed it for a week or two in the hallway.)  Some parents send in mini-cupcakes or homemade cookies, etc.  Something very small.  We do not do ice cream or drinks.  Those would take away too much instructional time.  Some parents do not send in any food.  It is totally up to you.