• Library Rules:

    • Students should use a quiet voice in the media center.
    • Students need to have their AR folders when coming to the media center.
    • Students are encouraged to return library materials on time.
    • Take care of all library materials.
    • No food or drinks in the library.
    • Students are responsible for books that are checked out to them.


    Library shelves containing different collections

     Check-In and Check-Out Procedures:


    • As students enter the library, scan books in that are being returned at the check-in computer. After all books are checked in, place books on the book shelf beside computer.


    • When students are ready to check out, go to the circulation desk with AR folder and new books. Please do not leave media center until new books are checked out by one of the library staff.

                            Kindergarten- 1 book

                            1st-2nd, Lower Montessori - 2 books

                            3rd-6th, Upper Montessori - 3 books

    *Students are encouraged to use the media center anytime with permission from the classroom teacher. Only two students per class at a time.


    A person using a tablet in front of a laptop

    Chromebook rules with help from our friends at South Florence:

    The Chromebook zone (May require F1S login)