• 1. Where can I obtain the 2018-2019 Carver STEM application?

    Applications are online and can be obtain through the following link.  Click here for 2018-2019 application. 

    There will not be any paper copies of applications.  


    2. When is the application due?

    All applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm on March 31, 2018.


    3.  Do I have to submit additional information for my student?

    Yes, we will need a copy of the following information:

    -2016-2017 standardized test scores
    -2016-2017 final report card
    -2017-2018 1st nine weeks report card
    -current discipline record (copies of agenda, teacher notes, etc.) 

    You are responsible for submitting these documents to our main office in a folder or envelope before March 31, 2018.  


    4. When will the students be selected for the 2018-2019 school year?

    Students will be selected during a lottery at Carver Elementary on April 24, 2018 at 7:00 pm.


    5.  Do I have to attend the Lottery?

    No, applicants will be notified by mail or phone after the selection process is completed. 


    6.  If I have more than one student applying within the same family, what is the policy?  

    In our lottery, if one student is accepted then all other siblings that applied will automatically be a part of the program. 


    7.  Is there a lottery for every grade level?

    No, the lottery is only held for grade levels exceeding our capacity.


    8. If my child is selected for Carver's STEM Magnet Program, may I apply to the afterschool program? 



    9.  If my child is already a Carver Magnet Student do I have to reapply?

    No, once you have been accepted you will not need to reapply unless you remove your child from the program.


    10.  Can I apply out of state or district?

    No.  You must live in the Florence School District One zone by the due date of the application. 


    11.  What school will my child attend after finishing at Carver? 

    Your child must return to the school that he/she is zoned for in the district.