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  • Reading Recovery® is an early intervention created by Dr. Marie Clay for first grade children identified as having difficulty learning to read and write. The goal is to create independent learners who become stronger each time they read or write. This is done through accelerated learning. Students must make faster than average progress in order to catch up with the average of their class. Intensive one-on-one instruction, five days a week, in thirty minute sessions is given. The intervention is designed for each child and based on their specific needs. This intervention is in addition to regular classroom instruction and lasts only 12-20 weeks. Children exit from the intervention when there is solid evidence that they possess the needed skills and strategies to enable them to continue to make progress without the one-on-one assistance.

    Reading Recovery® uses and builds on real conversations between the teacher and the child. This teacher-child talk has been found to be an effective way of helping students learn to deal with the complex tasks of learning to read and write. The lesson follows a fairly strict routine of components but contains ativities that are tailored to the specific needs of the individual child. 

    Florence One implemented Reading Recovery® and established the training site in 1991.  The first teacher training began for all 12 elementary schools in 1992.  The district currently has 16 Reading Recovery® teachers district wide plus a Teacher Leader.  The training site has supported as many as six other school districts.  Additional services provided by Reading Recovery teachers include: literacy groups, staff development workshops, parent workshops, and teacher support.  In Florence One, Reading Recovery® continues to have strong board, school, administrative, and parent support.