• Florence School District One Grading Scale

    Visual Arts

    E = Excellent

    S = Satisfactory

    N= Needs Improvement

    For each assignment, there are criteria that students are expected to meet.  For example, they may be required to include a specific color scheme that we are learning about or content related to an artist or theme.  In addition, students are expected to complete assignments with good craftsmanship (neatly colored, no folded or torn pages, care in rendering subjects).

    The majority of students meet the basic expectations with few errors.  These students receive an "S" for their grade.  They have satisfied the criteria.  A few students go beyond the requirements and display extraordinary creativity, sensitivity to the medium, or diligence in completing the assignment.  These students receive an "E" for that assignment. 

    Students who refuse to try or abandon work before it is complete would receive an "N" and usually parents are notified that there is problem in art class.

    The grades are reported to PowerTeacher as numerical grades.  59 and below= N; 60-84 = S; 85-100 = E. This scale does not always accurately represent the achievement of most of the students.  Parents should refer to the letter grade to determine if their child is meeting expectations. 

    Please contact me with any questions regarding a grade in art.