Florence School District One Payroll Forms

  • Direct Deposit - All employees new to Florence School District One must participate in direct deposit. Please go to Employee Self Service to provide your banking information for the bank account that you would like to have your payroll deposited into. Along with this form we will need some documentation from your financial institution with your account number and routing number. This information can be provided in the form of a letter from your bank or a voided check from your account. If you would like your payroll deposited into your savings account you can submit the letter from your bank or a savings account deposit slip.

    Note-If you choose to change your banking information after your direct deposit is in place you will need to provide the same above mentioned information. When the change is processed we will pre note the new account on the next payroll. Doing this will generate a live check for that payroll which you will need to pick up from the payroll department.

    If funds are direct deposited into a closed account the payroll department has 5 to 7 business days to receive the return of the funds into our account before reissuing a replacement check. In the event that this happens the employee will be required to provide new banking information before receiving the check.

    Payroll Deduction Authorization Form – Please use this form if you would like to authorize the payroll department to deduct funds from your payroll to be sent to one of are approved vendors or Authorized Annuity Companies.

    Release of Payroll Information – We have many situations where businesses send our department requests for wage verifications. We do not provide letters on FSD1 letterhead stating anything in regards to your employment from the payroll department. We do provide requested information in regards to your salary and employment when we receive a wage verification request with your signature giving us your permission to release the information. This is the form that you will need to fill out in the event that you would like for us to send this information prior to a request being received. We have a 24-hour period turnaround time to provide the requested information.

    Request for Stop Payment of Payroll Check – If for some reason a live check has been misplaced or lost and you need it to be reissued we will need you to fill out this form and turn it in to the payroll department. If there is needed information that you are unsure of, we will assist you with completing the form. The payroll department has 5 to 7 business days to reissue the check.

    W-4 and SC-4 Forms can be found through Employee Self Service. Be sure to complete both forms. The W-4 is for your Federal tax withholdings and the SC-4 is for our SC State tax withholdings. (Log into Employee Self Service for forms)


Payroll Forms