• Art


    Horizons & H2

    Gifted and Talented Programs

    The district offers summer classes in visual arts to students in grades 4-6 in the Horizons program. This program was established in 1989 and has served over 1,000 students. The H2 program was established in 2006 and serves 7th and 8th grade students during the summer.

    To participate in the Horizons and H2 programs students must be selected through a 3-step screening process:

    • Students are nominated in the fall.
    • Nominees prepare a portfolio of specific artworks. Horizons nominees submit three artworks and H2 nominees submit 4 artworks.
    • Portfolios are evaluated by art teachers at the school before submission to a district committee.
    • The district committee evaluates the portfolios and interviews nominees in the spring.
    • Students selected for the programs attend for 18 days in June.
    • In the program, students keep a sketchbook journal and create a wide variety of artwork using advanced techniques and materials.
    • The program culminates with an awards ceremony and exhibit of student work.

    For more information, contact:

    Laura McFadden, Lead Teacher for Horizons 

    843.664.8169 | lmcfadden@f1s.org

    Jeffery Gaines, Director of Arts and Innovative Programs

    843.673.1134 | jgaines@f1s.org