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    Horizons & H2
    Gifted & Talented Visual Arts Programs

    Horizons is a visual arts G/T program available to rising 4th and 5th graders.
    H2 is a visual arts G/T program available to rising 6th through 8th graders. 

    During the school year, Horizons & H2 students will have exclusive opportunities to create art and attend special events.
    The program culminates with an exhibit of selected student artworks at the All-City Art Show.

    - Students are nominated in the fall by their art teacher, school administrator, or a guardian.
    - Paper nomination forms are distributed by art teachers and are available on this website (see below). 
    - Forms will be accepted until the start of winter break (you may ignore the printed due date on older forms). 

    - After winter break, nominees will be scheduled to complete a one hour directed task drawing assessment at their school. 
    - A rubric for this assessment will be posted on this website and provided to art teachers before the start of winter break. 
    - The assessment will consist of pencil and paper drawing(s) of a provided object. Pencils and paper will be provided.
    - The object will not be known to the nominees until the time of the assessment and the object will change with each assessment.  

    Art teachers will complete a recommendation form for each nominee.
    (this is required and is separate from the nomination form)
    - Art teachers will receive recommendation forms in early January. They are due to the district office on 1/31.
    - The recommendation form is designed to assist with identifying gifted students. 

    - Nominees must complete an online questionnaire designed to gather information about art-related interests.
    - The questionnaire may also help inform potential new program offerings based on student interests. 
    - Guardians, art teachers, or other school staff may help students complete the questionnaire as needed. 
    - A district committee will evaluate each nominee's drawing task in the spring per an approved rubric.
    - A district committee will evaluate each nominee's teacher recommendation in the spring per an approved rubric.
    - A district committee will review each nominee's questionnaire responses in the spring to inform placement.
    - The EVALUATION, RECOMMENDATION, and QUESTIONNAIRE must be completed and submitted on time for the candidate to be considered. 

    - Guardians of selected candidates will be asked to complete an online commitment form.
    - Guardians are asked to complete media release forms so students & artworks can be celebrated on district social media & websites, & in local news coverage. 
    - Once the commitment and media forms are received, candidates will be formally invited to the program. 

    During the school year, Horizons and H2 students will have exclusive opportunities to create art and attend special events.
    The program culminates with an exhibit of selected student artworks at the All-City Art Show.

    - Due to the shortened summer, a Horizons summer program will be scheduled based on summer faculty availability.
    - In the summer program, students keep a sketchbook journal and create a wide variety of artwork using varied techniques and materials.
    - The program culminates with an exhibit of all student works and an awards ceremony.

    For more information, contact:

    The Office of Arts & Innovative Programs
    Dr. Erick J. Figueras - Director