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    Horizons & H2
    Gifted & Talented Visual Arts Programs

    Horizons is a visual arts G/T program available to rising 4th and 5th graders.
    H2 is a visual arts G/T program available to rising 6th through 8th graders. 

    During the school year, Horizons & H2 students will have exclusive opportunities to create art and attend special events. The program culminates with an exhibit of selected student artworks at the All-City Art Show.

    Returning and newly selected students for the 2022-2023 Horizons and H2 programs will be invited to join a special Google Classroom for their program by August 10th. That Google Classroom will be the primary way information about the programs will be communicated. In that Google Classroom, a 2022-2023 commitment Google Form will be posted, which must be completed and submitted by a guardian by August 15th. Guardians must also turn in a Media Release Form (a paper copy will be sent home). 

    For more information, contact:

    Horizons and H2
    Ms. Amber Harrar
    - Coordinator


    (The nomination period for 23-24 is currently completed.)


    - Students are nominated by their art teacher, a school administrator, or a legal guardian.
    - Paper nomination forms will be distributed to art teachers and made available to download on this page. 
    - When the nomination period opens, an announcement will be posted on this webpage and elsewhere online. 

    - Samples of student artwork created in class will be submitted by art teachers for review.
    - The works will be evaluated using a rubric.  

    Art teachers will complete a recommendation form for each nominee.
    (this is required and is separate from the nomination form)
    - The recommendation form is designed to assist with identifying gifted students. 

    - Nominees must complete an online questionnaire designed to gather information about art-related interests.
    - The questionnaire may also help inform potential new program offerings based on student interests. 
    - Guardians, art teachers, or other school staff may help students complete the questionnaire as needed. 
    - A district committee will evaluate each nominee's artwork in the spring per an approved rubric.
    - A district committee will evaluate each nominee's teacher recommendation in the spring per an approved rubric.
    - A district committee will review each nominee's questionnaire responses in the spring to inform placement.
    - The EVALUATION, RECOMMENDATION, and QUESTIONNAIRE must be completed and submitted on time for the candidate to be considered. 

    - Guardians of selected candidates will be asked to complete an online commitment form.
    - Guardians are asked to complete media release forms so students & artworks can be celebrated on district social media & websites, & in local news coverage. 
    - Once the commitment and media forms are received, candidates will be formally invited to the program. 

    For more information, contact:

    Horizons and H2
    Ms. Amber Harrar
    - Coordinator