• District One’s Musically Exceptional (DOME)

    1. What does DOME stand for?
    Answer: District One’s Musically Exceptional

    2. When and where are meetings for DOME held?
    Answer: During the school year some of the meetings are held at Poynor Adult Education Center on Dargan Street. Some meetings will also be held at the school you attend. Meeting notification will be posted on the Florence District One website, www.fsd1.org , by mail, by email and announced by the DOME teachers in the middle and high schools.

    3. What can I expect at the DOME seminars?
    Answer: The DOME seminars will offer enrichment activities such as performing artists in lecture/recital setting, Master classes with professional artists, student recitals, and suggested attendance at the two Senior All-City events (Chorus in November and Orchestra in March). Information about the ongoing programs will be made available at the seminars.

    4. What are the requirements to remain in good standing?
    Answer: For a DOME student to remain in good standing (i.e. by eligible to request scholarship funding and other rewards) you must attend one seminar each semester. You will complete an Option form confirming 120 hours of musical activities for full credit and eligibility for scholarship funding.

    5. Tell me more about what DOME offers?

    • Master classes for our students with professional musicians.
    • Free or reduced priced tickets for:
    • School district musical events
    • Florence Little Theater events
    • The Florence Symphony Orchestra
    • Summer scholarships for private instruction and workshops
    • Student recitals and “open mic” opportunities
    • Free summer day camp
    • Opportunities for individual competition for self-improvement

    Our primary goal is to encourage the individual musician to be a proactive performer and learner in the field of music.

    6. Am I eligible for summer scholarship money or camp this summer?
    Answer: You are eligible for summer camp.

    7. Am I required to “be in” or “stay in” the school music program at my school to participate in DOME?
    Answer: You are strongly encouraged to be enrolled in school music classes to continue developing as a musician on a daily basis. If you are not enrolled in a year-long course of music in FSD1 it is your responsibility to stay in contact with the DOME teacher/mentor at your school to stay informed about DOME.

    8. Where do I turn in my materials from DOME?
    Answer: Students will be assigned to a teacher at school for you who will be glad to assist you. You may also send materials directly to me at:
    Laura Greenway
    DOME Program
    319 South Dargan Street
    Florence, SC 29506
    Office hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00-4:30; Friday: 8:00-4:00