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    Read to Succeed Initiative:


    What is Read to Succeed (R2S)?

    In 2014, the State of South Carolina passed an all-inclusive literacy mandate, aiming to address state-wide deficits in academic achievement. With a particular focus on third-grade reading proficiency,

    Act 284 (Read to Succeed) offers a complete framework that includes teacher preparation, student instruction, and early intervention. This law provides students in South Carolina the opportunity to attain the literacy skills necessary for academic and professional accomplishment.


    Dewey L. Carter is a Read to Succeed school. We offer a Literacy Coach to assist teachers in professional learning. Our school also has its own School-wide Reading Plan which aims to improve reading achievement among our students. Teachers at our school are also required to earn a Literacy Teacher Endorsement.


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    We also have our school's Reading Plan available at the school if you are interested in viewing it.


    Learn More:


    SCDE Read to Succeed: http://ed.sc.gov/instruction/read-to-succeed/


    Reading Plans: http://ed.sc.gov/instruction/read-to-succeed/reading-plans-state-district-and-school/


    SCDE Interventions: http://ed.sc.gov/instruction/read-to-succeed/interventions/


    Reading Coaches: http://ed.sc.gov/instruction/read-to-succeed/reading-coaches/