• Rules and Procedures

    In order to insure an atmosphere for learning that benefit all students; the following rules will need to be followed by the students in art class:

    1. Find your seat quietly and be ready to learn.
    2. Stay in your assigned seat.
    3. Raise your hand if you have a question.
    4. Look and listen when the teacher is talking.
    5. Use an inside voice when talking at your table.
    6. Respect others and their artwork.
    7. Take care of art materials and tools.
    8. No running, playing, or throwing in the art room.
    9. Write your name and teacher code in pencil on the back of all artwork.
    10. When you see the art teacher show the “time-out” sign with her hands, you should do the same and listen.

    My goal is to provide your child with quality art education experiences that will have a positive impact on their lives and foster creativity. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. The school number is 664-8463. I believe we will have a “CHOMP”-tastic year!!



    Mrs. Krystal Fuentes