Office of Professional Development

  • Florence One Schools believes all staff should be engaged in continous growth. Staff members have the opportunity to engage in professional development opportunities throughout the school year which are aimed at maximizing student achievement and success in our schools.  The knowledge, skills, and learning opportunities that are provided to our staff can be described as individualized, collaborative, instructive, and informational. Staff members have the opportunity to learn from one another and from other experts in a number of educational areas. Professional development occurs in a variety of formats such as professional learning communities, team planning, instructional coaching, classroom observations, technical assistance, and classes offered after the work day among others.  

    Please check the PD in F1 Calendar for upcoming professional development opportunities.

    Our Vision
    To increase excellence in all F1 schools with continuous professional development that empowers and supports employees with meaningful, relevant, and personalized learning opportunities for a highly-effective community of faculty, staff, and students.

    Our Mission
    To provide high quality, timely and cost-effective professional development events and resources.  The mission is achieved by delivering content face-to-face and online through F1S staff as well as a variety of expert sources. The Office of Professional Development will:

    • Provide faculty and staff with relevant and personalized learning opportunities with follow up to enhance the learning experiences of all.
    • Provide research based proven best practices that support teaching and learning in all academic areas that are data driven.
    • Provide professional development that is rigorous and intentionally designed to build skills for continuous improvement.
    • Facilitate instructional delivery that supports critical and creative thinking skills.


  • Matrell E. Sturkey, Ed.D.

    Assistant Superintendent for Professional Development


    Jennifer Heilbronn

    Coordinator of Staff Evaluations


    F1 Innovation Center
    1400 Woods Road
    Florence, South Carolina 29501