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      Lester Media Center

      • Welcome to Lester's Media Center!  Mrs. Rhodes looks forward to helping all students:

        Find books that they enjoy reading!
        Find material they need to help them in class!
        To be able to use the reading computer programs at Lester!

        Help Staff:
        Recieve Material that will assist them in class from books, books in bags, big books, manipulative, etc....
        Help Parents and the Community:
        Find material that will assist them with helping their child or children
        Please come and visit us today!


      • AR Bookfinder
      • Discus

      Rewards for Reading

      • 5 points - Eraser 

        10 points - Pencil 

        15 points - Bookmark

        20 points - Zipper Tag

        25 points - Pencil & Eraser

        30 points - Pen

        40 points- Ball/Toy

        50 points - Pop-It

        75 points - Ear buds

        100 points - T-shirt

        125 points - Water Bottle

        **At each level, students will receive a paw punch**

        *** Extra PE each 9 weeks for students who meet their quarterly goal.  (points/average/ZPD)**

      Reading Levels

      • Yellow Dot: 0.5-1.5

        Lime Green Dot: 1.6-2.0

        Orange Dot: 2.1-2.5

        Pink Dot: 2.6-3.0

        Red Dot: 3.1-3.5

        Blue Dot: 3.6-4.0

        Green Dot: 4.1-4.5

        Red Star: 4.6-5.0

        Blue Star: 5.1-5.5

        Green Star: 5.6-6.0

        Silver Star: 6.1-6.5

        Gold Star: 6.6 and higher